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Cellular rejuvenation

Project Description:

What would the appearance of a person be like… if they ate food products high in toxic substances such as conservatives, colourings and artificial flavours, etc… if they had a regular intake of alcoholic drinks or drugs… if they self prescribed… if they did not look after their body or used it like a rubbish bin? The answer is logical. That person would have an increased number of wrinkles on their face, their skin would look dry and their posture when walking would be that of someone who is tired.

The habits mentioned above all cause toxins. These toxins enter the cells and are not be easily removed because those same toxins have been damaging little by little the liver, kidneys and other organs. Consequently, the organs have become less efficient in removing the toxins as they have lost their vitality.The result of this being reflected in appearance.

How can Linfanew rejuvenate?
First of all, in order to rejuvenate our bodies, it is necessary to naturally, gradually and continuously “remove all toxins”. Removing toxins is necessary, even for people who watch their diet, as we are all exposed to environmental pollution in the air, in water and also in the vegetables we eat.

The human body is made up of cells which age, change, get ill and little by little lose their vitality and the regeneration capacity they once had. Now we have to possibility to regenerate all types of cells. With Linfanew therapy the possibilities are infinite as it can be applied to whatever skin treatment.