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Project Description:

Cellulite is the accumulation of fat in the connective tissue. When the connective tissue becomes suffocated and saturated in water and toxins, it densifies causing wells and lumps. These wells and lumps create the rough and irregular cottage cheese skin effect.

The adipocytes (or fat cells) are liquids formed by the blood, lymph, water and oxygen. In addition to feeding the skin they also have the function of removing toxins. On occasions adipocytes become bigger than their normal size not allowing correct drainage. As a result of this, the intercellular liquid gets thicker and the micro-circulatory system does not work how it is supposed to. This blockage and incorrect disposal of toxins produces an external malformation on the skin, know as the cottage cheese skin effect.

With Linfanew therapy cottage cheese skin will reduce; you will be surpised by the results after a few sessions. It helps the body to remove toxins and improve oxygenation. Its anti-inflamatory effect and regulation mean your body will not continue to accumulate fats which can be visually seen.