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Who are we?

We are a company working in the health and beauty sector committed to research and development of health systems and equipment.
Throughout our years of life our main aim has always been to provide not only quality, but also to invest in improving design and technology. With these objectives in mind we have placed all our trust in Spanish product engineering and design companies, and thanks to them we are leaders in quality and service.

Linfanew came about with the intention of not only helping the people who are undergoing treatment, but also providing professionals with the opportunity to include a totally different health and beauty therapy for their clients.
This treatment is beneficial at all levels and broadens the spectrum of business possibilities for thousands of business people working in the alternative health and beauty sector, who every day see how their businesses prosper by broadening the services they are able to offer.

The human team at Linfanew undergo constant training development, and are permanently centred on cooperation so that the people who have placed their trust in our team feel they are a part of us.

Our values

  • Quality of life, wellbeing and health within reach of all
  • Rigour and transparency
  • Business creation with sustainable, solid and profitable growth
  • Development of a global project
  • Participative and flexible business management
  • Calidad de vida, bienestar y salud al alcance de todos