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Testimonios / Opiniones reales de clientes

  • “I suffer from migraines and somebody recommended Linfanew therapy. The first sessions were fabulous because I noticed a great improvement. The migraines have gradually disappeared. I think I have also noticed it in my periods, which are more regular now.”

  • “Right from the start of the treatment I realised I wasn’t so tense, much more relaxed and I was sleeping better at night. Gradually I also notice that my menstrual pains weren’t so intense. I have been having therapy for a year and I am carrying on because it’s working.”

  • “I’m 85 years old and my legs were full of ulcers and blotches, they were always swollen and I had to wear bandages all the time. After months of applying Linfanew therapy I am recovering the normal colour and shape of my legs and feet. I can even wear any kind of shoes now. The truth is it’s wonderful.”

  • “I have had ten Linfanew sessions and I have noticed an incredible improvement, my sciatica has disappeared and I feel much lighter."

  • ' “I suffered from candidiasis, vaginal thrush, and with 3 sessions of Linfanew I managed to sort out the problem.”

  • “I am a therapist and I work with natural therapies. I decided to work with Linfanew and the results have been exceptional. For example, with people who have varicose veins you can see how the swelling goes down; for diabetes the levels drop off significantly; with people who have restless legs, which is very uncomfortable, you can see how they relax; it helps to alleviate migraines. I have also seen how clients with psoriasis problems have much better skin because a lot of toxins are eliminated. People who try Linfanew agree that the results are fantastic. As for my finances, the results at my health and beauty centre have improved. As there are no contraindications and the results are always positive, I recommend Linfanew to all therapists.”

  • “I went to my first free session and then tried 6 more sessions because I suffer from nervous headaches. I have noticed how my joints work better than before. It seems to be working well.”

  • “I got interested in Linfanew because it is important to clean yourself inside. The circulatory system treatment is very interesting because I have those problems. I’m trying it out now.”

  • “I heard about Linfanew through a friend of mine, found out some more about it and was interested in the effects it produces. I think it can provide me with safe benefits, physically and mentally and I think it is a good system for clearing out harmful substances from the body.”

  • “I always get sore legs in the spring and my legs feel heavy. Now that I’ve had 12 Linfanew sessions, I have noticed changes in my body, and so I have recommended it to my daughter who suffers from stress.”

  • “I have a health and beauty centre and I decided to buy a Linfanew system. I currently have about 25 clients who are undergoing therapy and all of them feel better. We have proved it, particularly with circulatory problems, sleep quality, swollen legs, digestion…”