What are the benefits of detoxification?

Benefits include removing accumulated toxins and residues in the body to restore health, strengthening the immune system, preventing bacterial attacks and maintaining physical and mental health.

Is it necessary to continue the treatment?

Of course it is necessary to continue, given that each day we consume food and our bodies absorb substances, chemical residues, pesticides etc. We are also exposed to different levels of toxicity, which means it is advisable to continue with the detoxification treatment.

After how many treatments will you start to feel the benefits?

This varies from person to person as everybody is different. As an example, someone with a migraine may notice the effect straight away. For people in good health immediate effects are not so evident. Some people may have lots of accumulated residues and toxins and as a result will require a greater number of sessions. Under normal circumstances, between six and seven sessions are enough to notice greater vitality and to feel healthier.

Can people on dialysis treatments use this treatment?

People on hemodialysis or who are dependent on insulin or those who suffer from vascular problems, you can use this device to help neutralize and eliminate toxins. In addition, this treatment does not interfere with conventional medical treatments.

Can you use this treatment after having surgery?

It is advised for those who have had surgery to wait a recovery period of at least 40 days. People who have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments should wait at least three months.

Can regular use of the equipment produce any side effects to the body?

Only the most obsolete equipment, which only produces a constant flow of negative ions, will, after various continuous treatments, cause side effects such as dizziness and sickness. This is not the case with Linfanew equipment as there is a flow of both positive and negative ions which are regulated according to the needs of the body. According to the testimonies of regular users of the equipment, there is no record of any dangerous side effects. Reports from many people who have tried the treatment indicate that it provides you with a clean and healthy body. This is on the contrary to conventional medicines which poison the body upon intake, cause dangerous side effects and can also result in dependency on them.

Are there not any age restrictions for using the equipment?

The equipment can be used by children over the age of eight, but under adult supervision. There are some modes with a higher amperage which should not be used by physically weak people.

How often can I use the equipment?

The equipment should not be used every day. A minimum of 24 hours between each session is recommended so that the body can recover and benefit from the treatment. However, this is with the exception of people who are suffering a uric acid crisis or from a severe headache.

Can blemishes, spots and wrinkles disappear in the detoxification process?

Regular detoxification is capable of releasing toxic substances from the body in order to revive cells, making the skin more elastic and shiny giving it a healthier, more revitalized and beautiful look.

Why do you have to add salt to the water?

Salt is added to the water to increase the concentration of ions and to accelerate their movement in the electromagnetic field resulting in conductivity. It also produces an anti-inflammatory effect which sterilizes the water.

Why does the colour of the water change?

When the electromagnetic waves circulate, the ionisation of the substances contained in the water is not 100% pure, which together perform an oxygen and hydrogen decomposition. The salt introduced into the water oxidizes and destroys the plaques, giving colour to the water to create an electromagnetic field of ions. In addition to this, the colour of the water can also be affected by the expulsion of toxins from the body during detoxification.

Can I use the equipment if I am on medication?

There are no problems associated with using the equipment while on medication. As the equipment is detoxifying, it can make the medicines work more effectively. With the exception of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Is it true to say that the equipment cures?

NO! At first the equipment allows the cells to recover themselves from their detoxification role. It stimulates the body’s biological energy and rebalances pH by increasing the capacity of the immune system and promoting emotional well-being.

Will the water be less dirty after a few treatments?

It is normal for the water to be less dirty after a few treatments. However, this does depend on eating habits and free radicals. It might be that the residues are is not visible.

Why do some people feel bites on their feet during the treatment? Can frequent use damage the sink on your feet?

The energy produced from the electrode stimulated dermis, but this feeling in unnoticeable to the majority of people. People with the most sensitive of skins may feel a slight burning on their feet, which is completely normal. The energy levels created by the electrode have been tested for a long time and are within the parameters of the what skin can tolerate. Using the equipment on a regular basis cannot harm the skin on the feet either.

Can I get an electric shock if I accidentally touch an electrode during the treatment?

No, it is impossible. The electric current will never exceed the safety level. If this happens, the equipment will turn itself off automatically.

Why can the colour and smell of the water change in each treatment when used by the same person?

It depends on the type of toxins that are being discharged from the body. Likewise, it also depends on what alimentary products have been consumed.